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Community Gardening is connecting those who own a garden, a piece of land or a backyard with those who do not have acces to soil in their everyday life.

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Our vision is that people all over the world will get together in groups and make gardens, parks and small scale farms flourish with edible plants for all.

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Jordens Skole initiates groups of 6-8 participants who - together with experienced cultivators - establish beds and grow food for people and insects in ordinary local private gardens or backyeards. The mindset and the methods we implement are regenerative.

Together we enrich the soil with microlife by making our own compost. We bring more diversity and life to the garden than there was before. We harvest vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits and flowers almost all year round.
In the end we celebrate and show our appreciation.

We learn and work together during all four seasons, following the life circle and becoming familiar with the living systems 


Would you like to be the initiator of a community gardening group in your neigbourhood then feel free to contact Jordens Skole and  become part of our initiators hub. We recommend joining our course 'Leadership for Meaningful Communities' before or soon after you have startet a group. It is all about taking a lead in your community. In these times you are more than needed. Contact us for help to get startet and more information. 


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"The regenerative healing methods exist but the individual garden owner often do not have the time and the sufficient knowledge to start changing habits.

We will not be making the changes needed in these times on our own! 
Lovesoil Learning Lab / Jordens Skole offers you a guide and help gather a community and more hands.

Let’s take care of soil and Earth together".

Helle Solvang - initiator and director

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