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Below you can read about four young women from Denmark, Italy, India and Germany, who found each other through their passion for regenerative farming. Listen to their podcast 'Into the land' below.


We can't wait for you to be the our next podcast-storyteller. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Lovesoil and Jordens Skole are happy to present the podcast 'Into the land'. The creators behind the podcast are food, soil and earth enthusiast and they share their passion by talking to farmers and specialists.​


In the first episode they visit a 'state of the art' collective regenerative farm in Denmark 'Farendløse Mosteri' where they meet co-owner Sandra Willumsen who learned how to run a sustainable production with the help from youtube videos!!! There are simply not in the established educationsystem a course that can teach young people the diverse skills needed on a farm like this.

They also touch upon the future of farming in Denmark where we produce large amounts of food for pigs which are then being exported overseas. Sandra states:

Export the knowledge, not the meat”!​